Prestressed Casting Co. has been providing both precast and prestressed concrete products to the construction industry in Southern Missouri, Northern Arkansas, and adjacent states since 1957.  Prestressed Casting Co. provides turnkey services to its clients using in-house personnel and equipment including product delineation and design, manufacturing, product delivery, and on-site installation.  These in-house capabilities assure its clients optimum product quality, schedule, and make Prestressed Casting Company an ideal partner for fast track design-build projects.

Prestressed Casting Co provides a wide variety of both structural and architectural products including flatslab decks, double tee walls and decks, columns, rectangular and inverted tee beams, stadium riser seating sections, and a variety of spandrels, fascia, and cladding.  Additionally, we provide solid and insulated wall panels in a range of architectural finishes.

Prestressed Casting Co is one of the very few Midwest precaster producers providing both PCI certified products, as well as, in-house PCI certified product installation.  We also provide our clients with preliminary design, drafting, and budgeting to assist an owner in determining project direction and feasibility.  Precast concrete provides all of the advantages of concrete construction (durability, fire/wind resistance, low maintenance and security) while providing quality, schedule, and cost advantages over other concrete construction alternatives of cast-in-place, post tension, or tilt up construction.

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