Parking Structures

Precast Parking Structures

1-1Parking structures are often the first and last impression of buildings, hospitals, shopping centers and hotels.  Precast parking structures offer fast construction, versatility of design, attractive exterior finishes, durability and economy; making precast prestressed concrete a popular choice for commercial, municipal and institutional clients.

As casting of precast components is progressing at the plant, the building site can be simultaneously graded and prepared.  Precast provides condensed construction time and earlier revenue recognition. By integrating the aesthetic requirements with the structural system fewer construction trades are required to accomplish your design goals.

The abbreviated construction schedule and long-term durability results in increased efficiency and greater value, and a ‘greener’ project start to finish.

Whether for a few hundred vehicles on a single deck or a few thousand on multiple levels, we will work with you to build a structure that best fits your needs and budget.  Our projects have included office/retail space above and/or below the parking spaces.

Parking Structures & Condos

As land gets more valuable, it is a common request for condos, hotels & convention centers to be built on top of the parking garage.  We will work with your designer and help make it happen.

Some Our Clients

  • 2-2College Station
  • Heer’s
  • Jordan Valley
  • Branson Landing
  • Cox Health
    South & East
  • St. John’s Hospital
    East & Deck
  • Skaggs Hospital
    South & West
  • 6MSU Intermodal Transfer Facility-Bear Park South
  • MSU Park and Ride-Bear Park North
  • Freeman Hospital
  • Chateau on the Lake
  • Hammons Tower
  • University Plaza Condos
  • Empire District Electric
  • Washington County, Arkansas

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