Prestressed Concrete Services

riserThese services are the reason that we are the best choice for a premium construction material.

Project Management

From design through installation we manage the precast project. We do this because we believe that our clients want the assurance that we are personally in control of the precast portion of their project from start to finish.

This assurance starts with an in-house drafting/coordinating staff that uses the latest computer and CADD technology, coupled with the experience required to work with owners, architects, and contractors. Their ability to accurately and completely identify and detail the precast portions of a project is essential, and by having them on staff we can do this in a timely manner.

Shipping Precast

The critical path is not broken during shipping either.

We provide our own shipping and again have experienced personnel that have an understanding of the special needs of delivering oversized loads, in a timely manner that keeps product installation on track.

Precast Production

The chain continues with the production of the precast products. We not only produce the finished product, we also batch the concrete, assemble the steel imbeds, and provide extensive raw and finished material storage.

These “behind-the-scenes” processes allow us to further control both our uncompromising commitment to quality and to meeting project schedules.

The Final Portion of a Precast Project

The final portion of a precast project is the installation in the field. Again we provide this service to the client, and we do it with PCI certified installation crews that have extensive experience in this specialized field.

This philosophy of a company-employed team provides a crew that has the experience of working together and solving problems together.

Our crews know the tricks of the trade that can mean the difference between a typical installation, and a high-quality installation that goes above and beyond the expectations of the client.

Quality Commitment

The quality commitment we make would not be possible if we did not provide testing as well. Our PCI certified Quality Control department provides testing of every level of our production, from raw materials to finished product.

This system of checks and double-checks greatly minimizes the possibility of a problem in the field, as the panels leave the production facility only after completion of a thorough review.

The Supporting Staff

The supporting staff that provides preliminary design, budget, and estimating services as well as managers that excel in scheduling, and problem solving, provide the final piece of the puzzle. These services are the reason that we are the best choice for a premium construction material.