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Prestressed Casting Company is a Producer Member of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. We have participated in the Plant Certification Program since 1979 and are certified in both Architectural and Structural products. This certification program sets the standard for precast/prestressed product quality worldwide, and is an assurance that our production practices meet the highest quality standards.

An independent consulting engineering firm inspects each of our facilities twice a year to test and review our design, production, testing / quality control systems, and our overall conformance to PCI standards. These inspections are unannounced, and we are given a grade based on the results. We take great pride in our 21 consecutive years as a PCI certified facility and intend to continue to not only maintain certification, but to improve our reviews and the quality of our products and service.



Prestressed Casting Co. has extensive facilities for casting, storing, and erecting any size project. We are in a position to meet even the tightest of project schedules, and constantly provide products on what would be impossible schedules for most other building products. We take great pride in the fact that often we are awarded projects based on our previous schedule performances alone.  However, we do not sacrifice quality for schedule. Even under the most demanding pressures, we take extra effort to insure that we produce the best possible product. We can only achieve this standard of speed and quality through our commitment to customer satisfaction, PCI certification, and safety.

We have 19 production lines, in two plants, with long line forms up to 400’ between abutments. The main line products, such as Double Tees, flat walls and decks, columns, beams, and stadium risers are all long line forms. This gives us the ability to cast a large volume of product, per form, each day. We batch our own concrete, which gives us complete control of the quality and quantity of concrete. Due to our in-house testing by our Quality Control Department we have the ability to make customized adjustments to our concrete mixes as required.

Our Q.C. department is staffed with trained personnel who monitor the production process of each product, from the setting of the forms, to post pour verification, as prescribed by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. We have the full facilities necessary to test our concrete and raw materials, and to provide the follow up testing required, to insure our products meet the most stringent design requirements.

From design to installation, we  manage a precast project. We do this by providing in house design, drafting, production, testing, shipping, and installation of our products. This gives our clients security through the assurance that we are in control of the precast portion of their project from start to finish.


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