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Precast Hotels, Motels & Condos

1-1 Ever dreamed of building a luxury condo or hotel only to have the schedule affect the cost unfavorably?  Precast can be erected virtually year-round.  It is manufactured in a controlled fabrication environment that accommodates quality construction regardless of most weather conditions.  It also allows for minimal jobsite congestion by reducing the number of trades necessary to complete the project. This, along with the use of local/regional materials (such as aggregates, sand, water, and cement) makes precast favorable for ‘green’ results as well.

Precast can help with parking challenges that have been created by inflated land values or customer expectations.  You can provide covered, integrated parking that is convenient, storm resistant, and cost efficient.

With a variety of optional architectural finishes  (sandblasted/exposed aggregate, thin-brick, rustication joints, etc.) available on the exposed surface of the precast components when they are erected, the structure can be placed where scaffolds may be impractical.  This is true whether jobsite restrictions are a busy street,  another structure or the edge of a bluff.

Don’t Forget Precast Dorms

Openings can be designed into the precast elements, therefore reducing drilling/cutting for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or other penetrations.

Insurance companies have been known to provide premium savings when a structure is constructed with concrete.  There can also be savings with the inherent energy efficiency provided by concrete due to its superior thermal mass properties.

Benefits of Precast

  • 2-2Design Flexibility
  • Rapid Construction Schedule
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fire Resistance
  • Consolidation of Trades
  • Permanent Finish
  • Integrated Parking Capability
  • Storm Resistance
  • Low Maintenance

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