Tornado Resistant Structures

1-1Solving a problem by utilizing a product with natural qualities suited for the task at hand will normally produce an economical solution to the problem. Using Precast Concrete products from Prestressed Casting Company in tornado resistant structures does exactly that.

The application of FEMA guidelines in designing a tornado resistant structure can be challenging. The structure must be designed to resist enormous wind loads, uplift, and flying missile impact loads. Utilizing Precast Concrete products is an economical method of dealing with these unusual loading conditions.

Precast Concrete can be designed to meet these specialized FEMA requirements, often with only minor refinements to the normal reinforcing and connection design philosophy typically used in standard Precast Concrete construction. This  can result in significant savings in cost and schedule on these special projects.

Advantageous of Precast Structures

  • 2-2Constructed with standard precast concrete product shapes.
  • Precast Concrete decks can be
    designed to meet “Flying Missile”
    criteria without the need for field placed topping
  • Engineering of the Precast Concrete elements to meet FEMA 361
    requirements is part of Prestressed Casting Company’s Precast Concrete Package
  • The inherent weight of Precast
    Concrete products can be
    advantageous by reducing potential “up-lift” forces at the footings.
  • Spans of up to 80’-0” are possible

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