Jack Ball Architects PC

Precast concrete has proven to be a significant benefit on several of our most recent projects. It can support regional economy not only through the fabrication process, but by using local and regional aggregate in the design mix. Also, as a regular component of concrete, fly ash can be included in design mix to help with the recycled content value in the overall building material
cost. Precast concrete doubles as a structural component for the building while providing numerous aesthetic finishes. In addition to all of these benefits when we have experienced construction delays the use of precast concrete has been a key component in recovering our construction schedules and completing projects on time.

In the past three years we have used precast concrete in several applications. Several regional school districts now have precast concrete as a major element with their new buildings, including the largest high school in southwest Missouri, Republic High School. The Hickory Hills K-8 School in Springfield is currently in the process of obtaining LEED Certification and will be the first certified school in southwest Missouri. Precast concrete was a major contributor in our attempt to obtain LEED Certification. Other schools such as the Clinton
High School and Hollister Early Childhood also utilize precast concrete. Most recently, we have expanded into FEMA safe room design that all use precast concrete as the building shell.

Prestressed Casting has gone above and beyond to ensure that they are a beneficial part of the design team on all of our projects. They pay close attention to detail and require a high level of quality with their product. We will continue to use precast concrete on future projects because we have realized the advantages inherent in the product and because Prestressed Casting’s continued commitment both in design and fabrication are a great service to our clients.

Ryan Faust, AAIA | LEED AP

George’s, Inc.


In the past twenty-some years George’s Inc. has worked with Prestressed Casting Co. on several large projects consisting of poultry processing plants, wastewater plants, truck maintenance shops and hatchery facilities. Their precast panels are high quality and virtually maintenance free. From design to erection, Prestressed Casting personnel have always been very professional and helpful. When I’ve asked for piece drawings for a current or past projects their drafting department has always been prompt in getting me what I need. If I’ve needed help in scheduling of fabrication or erection they’ve done everything within their power to meet my needs. It has been a pleasure to have worked with Prestressed Casting in the past and I look forward to their participation in future projects for George’s Inc.

Ron Hooley
Construction Project Coordinator

Missouri State University


Prior to joining Missouri State University in 1990, I had worked with Prestressed Casting Company on multiple projects throughout southwest Missouri. Each time your company was connected with a project, individual attention was given to the project…read more

Douglas H. Sampson, A.I.A.
University Architect